Building into a Cliff

Admiring the view from a high location has always been the dream of those building large windows in the living areas of their home, but imagine the advantages of building into a cliff. The house will take up little or no land area because it is mostly under the ground, and the amazing views available right outside the windows and walls are part of the attraction. It might seem like an impossible home right now, but it could be the wave of the future in home building.

The floor plan for such a domicile should follow the natural lay of the land, and creating it will take some engineering prowess. Cliff edges are places where the land has been eroded away, or they could be places where the rock is less stable and sheers off. Building support for the house would include running long beams away from the cliff to actually support the rooms nearest the edge.

For those seeking a magnificent view, walking down to their main living area could provide them with something few others have imagined. The skyline will at first seem endless, and the land might not show up until a person walks to the window and looks far down. It is not a view for those with a fear of heights, but it could be a fabulous way to wake up every morning for those who love them.

There are only a few buildings today that have been built at the edge of cliffs, and most of those were originally castles placed in strategic areas. Modern home owners are looking for different types of security today, so stone castles might not satisfy their needs. For those who want their land to remain pristine while providing beautiful lookouts, creating a home that is sunken inside the land could be their best option.