Houses and Boats

Floating atop the water on a luxurious ocean liner has long been a dream for those saving for retirement, but few of them might imagine making it a permanent living arrangement. Houses and boats as permanent living quarters might seem a bit far-fetched, but there are cities around the world where they have become a reality floating on the fringes of urbanization. It can be a very cost-effective way to live in some places, but it has become exclusive and expensive in others. Individual cities that host these areas often see them as a blight, but some have turned into some of the most sought after areas to reside.

Cities that allow house boats as a form of living arrangement have evolved their own sets of zoning codes, and they also have building codes that must be satisfied. Some of them demand the boats be self-propelled, but others are more concerned the wiring will not cause a safety hazard. Local laws and building codes should be investigated before choosing to build or buy one of these unique boats.

Living arrangements can be very different, and some house boat communities float on the ends of docks while others range through nearby lakes or rivers. Each community has its own individual rules, so those interested in this type of living arrangement should take the time to get to know people in the area that interests them. Moving in with little or no knowledge of the rules could make the transition difficult, but many communities have their own committees to help smooth the process.

Living without solid land under the house can be a challenge for those just starting out, but it can be a worthwhile adventure. It combines the solidity of a real home with the theoretical ability to pull up stakes at any time, and it has become a dream come true for many people today.